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Tasty Guide to a Healthy Planet is a video series showing how everyone can make healthier lives for themselves and their families, while helping to create a more fair and community-based economy, and respecting the natural world. All of that, while enjoying the pleasures of fresh, great-tasting food.

Every day, each of us makes choices about how to spend our money and what to eat. And who doesn’t like to eat? Very simply, food is life. But there’s more to our relationship with food than many people realize. On one hand it gives us anticipation and enjoyment, comfort, conversation and variety. But the system that provides food to most of us exists to reduce costs and maximize profit. It’s not made to give us healthful food, or to pay fair wages to the people who grow it, or to conserve nature for future generations. And it doesn’t.

Tasty Guide will introduce you to chefs, farmers, educators and others who are walking the walk, taking control over the food they eat and make for others. You’ll learn how growing and using sustainably made food is good for everyone involved, and how doing that can lead to a more equitable and stable economy. It tastes better, it’s better for you and your family, better for your community and for the environment. And it’s probably easier, tastier and more rewarding than you’d expect.

Come along with us, meet some interesting people and hear their stories. Take control over your health, while helping to make a better world.