About Us

Dig Deeper thumb-1Tasty Guide to a Healthy Planet is about the pleasure of making and eating good food, while restoring our control over what we eat and how it’s produced. It’s about the satisfaction in discovering that be doing things we like, which are good for our health and our families, we’re also benefiting people throughout society, conserving nature and supporting a more stable and equitable economy.

What it’s not about is guilt trips. We believe that change is best begun by entertaining and intriguing people. Tasty Guide aims to connect the pleasures of delicious meals and lively conversations with tangible results.

But first we have to understand that the conventional food system feeding most of us may seem bountiful, but it’s not necessarily good for us. It’s unhealthful, economically unstable, and it seduces us with calculated doses of processed fats and sugars. It relies on toxic chemicals applied to plants and soil, cross-species genetic manipulation, antibiotics and hormones in animal feed, and many billions in taxpayer subsidies given to industrial-scale farming operations. This system is controlled by a few multi-national corporations, with the primary goals of increasing corporate profits and monopolizing control over our food sources.

This should be changed, but what can take its place? How about a food system that has nourished and supported societies since the beginning of agriculture? There’s no reason why sustainable, locally based ways of making and buying food can’t succeed today. All that’s needed is for enough people to learn about that traditional and reliable system, and to see how it can improve their lives so that they spend their food dollars there. That’s already happening in some cities and towns. And the more people who learn about it, the more it can succeed across the United States and the world.

Most of us are too busy to dig into the details and personally explore the many ways that a sustainable, local and healthy food system can change our lives and our communities. Tasty Guide makes that much easier, by bringing interesting people, entertaining stories and provocative ideas to you, giving you the power to decide the changes you’d like to make in the way you eat.